Beautiful silk scarves raising awareness of threatened creatures

Farnworth & Cole is the developing story of the work of British designer and artist Alison Farnworth-Cole. Raising awareness of threatened creatures has become a theme in her work and it will be developed further with scarves produced to the very highest quality resulting from both generations of skilled expertise and the very latest print technology.   Always wanting her work to be worn, silk scarves with bold print of original artwork are a great starting point.

“I decided to stitch insects 5 years ago and they have become my main inspiration for my designs.  Not only do they inspire me with their often overlooked beauty, but also by their plight.  I am increasingly becoming interested in stitching endangered creatures.  Our Rusty-Patched Bumblebee is an endangered US bee and the Shrill Carder Bee is an endangered UK bee.  I love the idea of wearing these endangered creatures.  Our silk scarves now sell in the UK and in the US, notably in the New York Botanical Gardens.  I am so excited to be taking part in the Cornwall Christmas Fair, not only because it supports Macmillan, but also because the Eden Project has been so instrumental in raising awareness of climate and environmental issues not only for Cornwall but for a huge global audience” – Alison Farnworth-Cole


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