How can I support?

The Cornwall Christmas Fair has raised a total in excess of £730,000 over a 28 year period. Thanks to generous sponsorship, increasing ticket sales and wonderful ‘in kind’ support from across the county we continue to grow year on year.  This year the Cornwall Christmas Fair Committee is delighted to be supporting Cornwall Community Foundation’s drive to help Cornwall’s vulnerable communities. The Foundation has gone above and beyond throughout the crisis to support frontline organisations, but their work is far from done. Research shows that COVID emergency response needs (ensuring people are fed, warm, well and safe) will persist for many months if not years and support is urgently needed.

Generous one-off donations, regular contributions and even remembering the charity in your will are all ways in which you can help our Cornish communities in need. If you might be interested in supporting the Cornwall Christmas Fair in this way, please click here.

If you are sending a cheque, please send to our Treasurer Kathryn Nicholas at Parklands House, Cornelius Drive, Truro, Cornwall TR1 1GU. If you are a UK tax payer please confirm when you send the cheque and we will be able to claim as Gift Aid donation.

Thank you

Jane Hartley & Kate Holborow